How crooked is God?

It seems quite surprising that one would even attempt such a statement about God. “With the Crooked you make yourself seem torturous” [crooked] (Psalm 18:26b). This passage, when read by itself, would seem to indicate that God has a “crooked” side that we’re unaware of. 

But the passage is expressing the fact that God knows how to handle all types of people. None are beyond him. With the merciful, he shows himself merciful. With the blameless, he shows himself blameless. With the purified, he shows himself pure. And with the crooked, he makes himself seem torturous or crooked. 

God knows how to handle people of all natures. None are beyond God. No one can fool God either – Thinking of God as some weak innocent being. Some think they’ve got him wrapped around their fingers. They think they can be treacherous and crooked with God. No chance, he’s got your number.

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