What are your “stew” moments?


It was just a moment of weakness. It really wasn’t a big deal. Just a few words about birthright won’t hurt any. Who would have thought his words would have further significance? Thus he set his priorities. His momentary need had to be met. Esau “sold” his birthright to his younger brother Jacob. 

What he didn’t consider to be a big deal turned out to alter his entire future. Meeting his momentary need redefined the course of history — for generations. He didn’t know it then, but the value of his words extended much further than a bowl of stew. 

He didn’t have to succumb to his physical needs. He could have taken the road of suffering. Could have endured the hunger a bit longer. But he didn’t think further than the moment. 

What are your “stew” moments? Look for areas of weaknesses such as food, entertainment, pleasure, recognition, or other weaknesses. Sacrifice the momentary for the permanent.

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