Filtering the crowds


Crowds look good. Crowds can be massive. Impressive! But they are of all types. Jesus meticulously filtered them out. 

Some are easily prone to Satan’s attacks. Their hearts and minds are already in his evil custody. The seeds of the Kingdom have no chance here. Nor are they open to the kingdom of God. 

Others are shallow. Or hollow. They just can’t handle any pressure. They respond quickly, to the gospel, but their response is short lived. Like a balloon with a tiny hole in it. 

Then there are those who love the glamor and the glitter. Riches and the false security of wealth has gripped them. The Word of God simply gets choked out of such people. Their hearts are already full of other desires. 

Jesus was looking for those whose hearts are open to the gospel of the kingdom. They are receptive. Open. Obedient. Such people receive the gospel with delight. It bears fruit. Much fruit. Lasting fruit. 

Look for open hearts. 

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