Let the dead bury their dead

…you go and proclaim the kingdom. What? The man wanted to go bury his father and this was Jesus’ statement. Quite difficult to grasp – like several other statements that Jesus made. 

But the words of Jesus was simply a hyperbole. He wanted the man to look beyond the numerous important things in life to that One Thing that’s a priority. Jesus’ words did not restrict the man from burying his father. But such thoughts as these limited his ability to do what is most important. 

Keep the regular, mundane things of our day in its perspective. Give the greater value to what’s most important. See everything in the perspective of the One Thing that is most important. 

The problem wasn’t that the man wanted to bury his father. That was certainly an important duty in life. Rather the problem was that he saw things from the perspective of the natural, regular mundane things of life. 

What’s your One Thing?

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