Uncompromised integrity


But isn’t integrity something deep within that can’t be compromised in the first place? Yet if the circumstances are right (or wrong), we make excuses for compromising our integrity. Some see it as a “payback” for what others have done to them.

When dealing with an organization, we are anonymous and it becomes a bit easier to compromise our integrity. We somehow find it safe behind that anonymity. There may be a host of other reasons we have for compromising integrity.

The psalmist David said: “My integrity and uprightness preserves me, for I wait for you” (Psalm 25:21).

David found his answer in waiting. He waited for God. He waited for God’s response. Although he did not know what the future held, he knew that God could be trusted. He waited for God’s deliverance.

And time and time again, God proved himself faithful. David could stay uncompromised with his integrity. He knew that God would come through.
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