It’s in the voice

I think it’s underrated. The power of your voice is much beyond comprehension. Some people say “I just said that out of sadness” or “because I was angry or upset.” Whatever the reason for your words, it will take effect. 

In Psalm 29, it’s the voice of the Lord that was the direct cause of major physical impact. It is the voice of the Lord that moves mountains, and causes large trees to be broken in two like a matchstick. It causes the wild animals to give birth. His voice is the cause of nature being sustained as it is. 

In creation, it was the voice of the Lord that was the direct cause of everything that exists today. Nothing exists that was not the result of his voice. There was no other agent that has been involved in the process. Only his voice. 

Created in the image and likeness of God, our voice has impact. It has more power than we attribute to it. Use it as a powerful tool. 

Yes, you can abuse the power of your voice. You can use it for selfish purposes. It can abuse others. Your voice can cause fear, confusion, frustration, jealousy, and a host of other negative emotions. Some people carry words to their graves. 

But your voice can also bless others. Use your voice to bring healing to the broken; peace to those in a storm; wholeness to those with fragmented lives; confidence to those beat down with failures; freedom for the oppressed and many other positive results. Such power has been given to you by your maker. Use it for good. Use it well. Use it wisely. 

Just like the Lord, your voice is powerful and is full of majesty (Psalm 29:4). 

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