The choice between turning left or right might not be so difficult. Turning the page is just a move of your finger. Basic, simple, turns are no big deal. 

But turning from mourning to dancing is different. It is clearly the difference between life and death. These are two totally different phases of life that can’t even meet because they are on opposite ends of the spectrum. 

Mourning implies that it is over. Death has occured. There is no turning back. All hope is lost. This is clearly one situation where no one thinks of turning back. It’s unimaginable. 

On the other side of the spectrum is dancing in jubilation. Dancing is the complete opposite of mourning. Dancing comes in response to the joyous occasions in life. Dancing can be planned or spontaneous. The planned ones may be organized as a group. And the unplanned dancing comes from a jubilant heart, responding to the joy within. 

“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.” (Psalm 30:11)

It’s a transition from mourning to dancing, and from sackcloth to gladness. This is uncommon. This is just not the norm. For many, the mourning continues through life. They may go on with the daily functions to a certain extent, but their mourning never leaves them. 

What are you mourning over today? Those who were in mourning expressed their grief with sackcloth and ashes sprinkled on their heads. What are the situations in your life that cause you grief?

Most significantly, what is dead? In your situation, what are the areas that indicate that this particular area of your life is “dead”? Sometimes, death occurs in certain areas so that life can come in — new life. 

Listen. Listen to God’s voice telling you which areas he wants to breathe life into. Remember…

Mourning to dancing.

Sackcloth to gladness.

– – –➤

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