Live well, Lead well

I’m constantly reflecting on living well and leading well. As I write and speak, I’m thinking out loud about life and leadership. I believe you can live well with purpose and courage as you navigate each day. This will in turn help you lead well and make an impact wherever you are. 

If we’re not clear on our purpose, we’ll vacillate. We will go in so many directions that we’ll end up accomplishing little. And when our purpose is not clear, we won’t have courage. The lack of courage will further make us ineffective. 

Leading well is a calling, skill and an art as well. It’s a calling because God calls us to lead. In the garden of Eden, God instructed Adam and Eve to provide care and to have dominion over the earth. Thus all of God’s children can operate in roles of leadership. We can move forward to lead because God has appointed us to do so. 

The skill of leadership is developed with years of learning and experience. Learn from seasoned leaders by being an apprentice and by reading. Spend several years working with a competent leader. Read constantly on leadership to expand your understanding. 

The art of leadership also develops with years of experience. You learn to juggle numerous roles and tasks – ultimately with finesse. It’s not as simple as performing roles and tasks, but you do this before and with a group of people. And you’ve got to take these people with you as you lead. But if they won’t come with you, you’re simply not the leader. Thus leadership is also an art. 

My writing and speaking are ways I give to others. I’m not in competition with others. What I do complements (in a small way) what others are doing for God all over the world. This is my way of reaching out to younger generations and to lift them to another level in life and leadership. 

Through reading and listening, you can have many mentors. Make sure to also read books by people you don’t agree with. It may aggravate and trouble you, but it will help to sharpen who you are. So read widely and keep your mind open. But make sure to always keep your Bible open. 

I hope you benefit from reading and listening. When you’re impacted by something I produce, please share it with others. You are the one person who can help me help more people. 

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