People usually want to stay away from those who are broken. They’re just too messy. Sometimes it feels like you’re walking on eggshells when you’re around such people. Why bother?

But “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18). He likes to stay close to such people. Maybe because they realize their true need of God to save them. They know there is no other way but to trust God.

Then there are those who think they make things happen. To them, everything is up to them to accomplish their purpose. God is somewhere in the mix, but he’s not that significant. They don’t see their own sinfulness nor their need for God, much less their need to be kind to the poor and the broken ones all around us. 

This also lines up with the mission of Jesus. He clearly stated that he came to seek and to save the lost. Obviously this isn’t anything new that Jesus came up with. It was clearly the heart of God the father that was reflected in Jesus. All along, it was the Father’s heart reflected in Jesus. 

There’s been this misunderstanding that God was different in the Old Testament. The idea was that of an angry God full of vengeance. He was always upset, uptight, and clearly disturbed. It was this notion that people had to be very careful not to get on his wrong side. But all these were incorrect notions of God. 

God has always been kind to the brokenhearted. His mercy is beyond our understanding. It’s new every morning. It flows like a river. His mercy is near to you. 

Along with enjoying God’s kindness, will you give it away? Will you choose to be “near” to the brokenhearted? Will you be kind to those who are crushed in spirit? By doing so, you will be acting more like your heavenly father. 

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