Pursuers? What pursuers? No one’s chasing me. But when David wrote this he had a history of being on the run. There were people who were literally out to get him. They wanted to see his dead body down in the dirt. 

But me? Pursuers? Maybe there are things from the past that won’t leave? Failures, addictions, guilt of past sins, inability to forgive and just about anything that “seeps” into your today. 

God says, “I am your salvation!” (Psalm 35:3) He will pursue your pursuers. David stood strong “with the angel of the Lord pursuing them!” (Psalm 35:6) Now that only happens when God is your salvation. 

But often, we’re trying to be our own savior. You had failures in your past and now you are trying to overcome all those feelings with lots of success. In business, your job, or ministry, you’re trying to prove to yourself and to others that you’re not a failure. Yet God has promised that he will be your savior. Your past failures have been pursuing you. Let God pursue your pursuers. 

Some struggle with addictions that seem to never leave. In fact it seems that your addictions are chasing you wherever you go. You’ve tried to get away but they seem to never depart. 

Then it’s those past sins and the resulting guilt that sticks to you. You’ve stopped that sin and confessed to the Lord, but the guilty feeling just won’t go away. It’s following you. It goes with you wherever you go. Then you begin to doubt. Did I really confess? Was my confession good enough? Did God really forgive me? 

Now, going beyond your own actions, it’s the actions of others that trouble you the most. Others have wronged you. But you just can’t forgive. That inability to forgive seems to grip you beyond anything. Their offense has a hold on you and won’t let you go. 

Each of these and more are like the pursuers of David. They’re coming after you with a vengeance. You’ve tried so many ways to get away, with no results. 

But God wants to be your salvation. If you allow him, he will turn and pursue your pursuers. On your own, it hasn’t worked. Now let him take over. 

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