Christmas again

Ever wished someone would stand up for you and speak on your behalf? What about those things in life that are too much to bear? Some things are just too overwhelming. This is especially true for leaders, but everyone has such experiences. You just don’t measure up to the expectations of others. Life is just too much to handle. But no one would take that risk to stand up for you. Who would care enough for you to risk their reputation, status or life for someone like you? Of course, we know that Jesus took that extreme risk for us. But I am reminded of another example. 

I’ve heard of missionaries who traveled to distant lands with their belongings packed in a casket! At first I was appalled and surprised. But these were people with such a firm commitment that they were sure that they would spend their entire lives in that land. They could think of nothing else. 

But the casket also implied that they were willing to give their lives for the cause they came for. It wasn’t just a “project” among other projects. Or a short term assignment that they were to fulfill. They weren’t just giving up a part of their time, they were giving their lives entirely. There was no turning around. 

On that first Christmas, Jesus came. He didn’t bring a casket, but there was no turning around for him. Once he was born as a human, he had to live his life as a human. He had to face everything that life as a human would present. He experienced sorrow, rejection, pain, loneliness, and all those difficult emotions that we hate so much. 

I suppose that he could have just sent a representative. Or, he could show an image of himself to people. And during the time he was “visible,” he could share his message. In this way he would only be here long enough to communicate that message. It would be a low-risk approach. 

But he chose to be born as a human. This was the only way he could know human life. He had to experience everything that we humans face each day. In this way, he became the perfect mediator between us and God. Thus it continues to be a Merry Christmas!

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