Words of Power

The power of words. Who would have imagined? Words have the power to “pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” (Jer 1:10) This reality began with creation, where words spoken by God brought the world into existence. Now his words continue to create through our words. 

The prophet Jeremiah didn’t think that he was up to the task of speaking God’s words. In modern times, we have reduced the power of words to simply “speeches” of eloquent verbosity. But God’s plan was that our words should tear down, repair, restore, and build that which God wants to do here on this earth through us – through our words. 

But making this concept personal is not always easy because our situation is quite real to us. The pain is raw. The agony is intense, and It’s difficult to speak with faith. But God wants us to be his voice. Not only in society but also in our personal lives. He wants to speak words of faith into our lives. 

Maybe like me, you don’t have much faith. You may feel insignificant like Jeremiah. You might even be fearful like him, but all of these things really don’t matter. 

As your creator, God is more interested in your success than you or others. Even as Jeremiah objected, God takes the initiative to touch his mouth and to put God’s words into his mouth. God didn’t walk away because of Jeremiah’s lack of faith and boldness. 

But even before touching his mouth, God told him: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.” You see, speaking God’s words was really not a choice. It was something placed on Jeremiah from before his birth. 

Your words clearly have power. They have the power to bring God’s purpose into reality in your life and community. Will you step up and speak God’s words to tear down what is displeasing to God in your own life? Then speak words of faith that will build you up into the person God has always wanted you to be. 

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