Vision Received, Grown, Accomplished

Vision Received

Vision is given to those who will take it to heart and live it out in their lives. Some try to make an impact using the vision. Others simply try to make a living using the vision. Still, there are those who try to get ahead of others at any cost. Some are out to create a Monument to themselves so others remember them as a great person who accomplished the vision. Then there are those who simply wish to be obedient to the call of God on their lives. 

Vision Grown

God usually gives His vision in a capsulated form, and rarely in its fullness. Through various experiences, God begins to expand the vision. Actually, God expands the person’s heart through painful experiences. Once the heart expands, there is more room to accommodate God’s vision. 

Vision Accomplished

Vision may be time-bound, where it is set for a particular time. It may also be focused on a particular goal that is quantified and reachable. Vision can also be an ongoing process. This becomes more like a Mission statement that is the set purpose of an organization. Such a vision is an ongoing process. 

Jesus set the vision for his disciples and expected them to make disciples of all people. This is an ongoing task for generations to come. We’ve got to live for the vision that God has set for us. Anything less will never satisfy. We’ve got to make our choice. We don’t get another chance.

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