Who is in Control?

“God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.” (Psalm 47:8)

How can we say that God reigns over the nations when every nation on the face of the earth does its own thing? Each nation orders its affairs as they please. They all don’t seem to follow the Lord’s direction in any way. 

When we look at history, we see ancient nations that were in many ways similar to the nations of today. They lived as they pleased, not thinking of God nor His requirements. But we see that God was active in the midst of the nations. 

God expects leaders to act justly and show mercy. But he allows them to make their own choices and gives them sufficient warnings as well. He also allows them time to act, repent, and come to alignment with His requirements. These “warnings” may be through various means. Sometimes through direct prophecy, natural calamities, or by way of other nations bringing conflict. 

In various ways, God speaks to the nations dictating them to his ways. This he does because he is King over all kings and has ultimate authority. 

Even today, God speaks to every nation on earth directing them to his ways. God wants them to do justice, show mercy, and walk humbly before God. Things are no different from the past – Each nation does as they wish. But God remains on his holy throne. 

In a similar way, God speaks to us. He instructs and guides us in his ways. Ultimately, he wants a relationship with each one of us. That is his ultimate aim. 

So the invitation is open to everyone. The God who reigns over the nations sits on his throne, but he loves each person and wants a relationship with us. How will you respond?

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