The Real Fortress

Ever felt like running? Life becomes too much to bear and you just want to run away someplace. “Fight or Flight” is the common term for what we feel when under pressure. When we’re too tired and afraid, the only thing to do is run.

Israel ran to neighboring nations and to their gods for protection. Up to that time, they looked to the strong and stable walls of Jerusalem as a fortress. But when they needed protection, even those strong walls were not strong enough. The solution they needed was not there.

In Psalm 48:3, the singers proclaim that God is to be their fortress. “Within her citadels, God has made himself known as a fortress.” The idea is not that God will provide a fortress, but that God himself will be our fortress. And it is God himself that we are to run to in the time of distress.

There is no doubt that the city of Jerusalem was their fortress. They knew that they could run to Jerusalem from danger or any form of attack from invaders. But their hearts had gone away from God for several generations already.

The psalmist is clear that “within” the citadels (fortress), God has made himself known as a fortress. Thus their fortress is truly a fortress because God is in their midst and He is their ultimate fortress.

Stay well connected to God. He is with you. Always.

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